Release Day Jitters

Another release day has come and gone. The Mesmerized hit bookshelves (digital and physical) on September 30th. It’s my first hardcover novel. I’m both excited and terrified.

Release days are always awesome because I have a new story to share. At last I am able to open wide the doors to the universe in my head. Readers can finally enter the world I spent so much time in during the writing process. They get to meet the characters I’ve fallen in love with and feel the excitement of the unfolding plot.

Release days are always hell because I worry that the readers don’t know the book is coming out, that it won’t sell, and that the publisher will regret publishing it. I worry that books aren’t on the shelves of the local bookstores, or that the box filled with copies is lost in the bookstore stockroom. I worry that people won’t like the cover and pass it by. I worry…worry…worry…